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The Lifesigns guys are fantastic musicians but they are also the most friendly people I know in this industry. They care for their fans and that leads to a growing following. Something that shows on this live recording. As a band they are getting better and better. The new songs are great and they work on several new ones for the next studio album.
This is new prog at its best!
Arne van Os van den Abeelen, Background Magazine
Signs of new modern prog life detected… Quintessentially English, modern prog: Short and long-form musical structures, layered sound and melodic guitar lines over keyboard washes. Changes of tempo and time signature variations; tenor, high tenor or female vocals commonly utilised to compliment the soaring instrumentation and arrangements…”I’m calling out, too far to hear…” cries the plaintive voice of John Young on ‘Lighthouse.’ I hear what you’re saying just fine, John; I just hope and trust many others do, too.Because these Lifesigns deserve to be detected well beyond the borders of Prog-land.
Ross Muir

Lifesigns is a remarkable cooperation between John Young, Nick Beggs and Martin Beedle. And producer Steve Rispin. All musicians have played a well known role in the 80s/90s: Bonnie Tyler, Kajagoogoo and Cutting Crew. They have been active since, with impressive resumes, including the likes of Fish, Steven Wilson and many more. Their collective, often not very prog backgrounds, result in an amazing album with proglength songs, yet very popp/catchy. Not limited to a certain prog sound, they bring their self-titled debut album, which is one of my favourites of 2013.
liveprog (youtube video channel)
When you think progressive rock has died, along come a band who breathe a sweet collective soul into it.
Let it Rock
Lifesigns is one of the coolest gifts to cross my desk yet this year – I hope John Young and company are able to parlay this into a spate of touring, shows, and a follow up record. This record is an hour of excellent listening. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy the trip.
Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley
The album is far more than ‘quintessentially English, modern prog.’ Lifesigns carries elements of melodic rock and pop, has hooks aplenty and contains complex but not overly-complicated musical sections that never outstay their welcome.
Fantastic and highly anticipated self-titled debut album, and a project that has the hallmarks of being one of the finest new Prog-Rock releases of 2013!
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There have been precious few modern British bands making albums on the same level as the classic symphonic bands, you know, the ones who invented progressive rock.
This is a stunning example of when Prog gets it right. Glorious melodies and complex interplay of musicians and instruments, massive soundscapes and imagery that knocks you on your ass, all those things that can be so deadly dull when they aren’t done with the quality of playing and the sheer integrity that these four guys (cannot leave out Steve Rispin the engineer) bring to the music.
Kiss FM
I can truly say that this album goes straight to the top of my 2013 prog music list!! It has quite firmly been sitting in my cd player ever since it landed on my desk! ! What you get here, is top notch artrock/prog with wonderful vocal harmonies, superb arrangements, lavish melodies, excellent guitaring, solid bass and drum foundations, keyboards deluxe & John Young´s fine lead vocals!
Prog Planet​
It was as if on my first listen I was looking for that ‘ENTERTAIN ME NOW’ track, but I know realise the album does that over the five tracks, they entertain you and enthrall you, take you on a journey and deliver you home to a more happier place.
Since the album’s release earlier this year, the accolades have been piling up – and quite rightly so. Steve Rispin’s experience as a producer has helped to create an album that will, undoubtedly be a challenger for the coveted title of “Album of the Year”.
Sue Doyle​