John Young To Re-Release – Significance

A Long Time Ago…………..

John released an album entitled Significance. As interest in Lifesigns and John’s work has grown in recent years, he has been asked about the availability of his earlier work. Much of that work is now no longer available on CD. As a result, John is looking to re-release the album Significance. It formed the backbone of the John Young Band live shows, his solo shows and has also made it into the Lifesigns repertoire. Complete with new artwork new artwork by Brett Wilde, John is considering running a PledgeMusic campaign to help with the production of a new run.

The tracks on Significance are:

1) Significance
2) All Gone
3) Closer
4) When I Was Young
5) Papa
6) Open Skies
7) Underside
8) Stranger Than Fiction
9) Listening
10) Used
11) Under Angels Wings
12) Just One Day
13) Insignificance