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Guests Comments List

  1. Hi. I saw you perform on CCTE 2018 and I will be back again in 2020.
    I’ve been a big fan since first seeing you and can’t wait till the next time.
    Do you have any plan on visiting Canada in the future? I have many like-minded friends.
    Thanks for making great music.
    Regards, Rick

  2. Great gig in Fife recently guys. A new fan. Thanks to Doug Dargie (he of the lifesigns’ QRS wave neon jacket). Keep up the good work – and your quest to more for artists v spotify etc. As someone with more than a passing interest in competitive advantage, marketing and true value, these services are robbing the creators.

  3. Really enjoying your latest CD Cardington. John’s vocals and lyrics are just great. The band as a whole sounds wonderful. Any chance you will come to USA to tour ?

    Take Care…..

    • We’d love to James unfortunately at the moment the $3.000 dollar visas (each) are prohibitive but we’ll do our best 🙂