Cardington Update

We had a lovely day in the studio with Jon Poole, Steve Rispin & Frosty Beedle plus our first visit of a Pledge Music Executive producer our good friend Chris Taylor. We even got Jon, Frosty, Steve and Chris singing! Jon did the washing up and then we went to the pub… splendid stuff! Chris is one of the first people to hear the full album…. We think it went well.

So as we get closer to releasing the CD we will send through some snippets of the tracks.

This first update of it’s kind is a bit of Cardington (and yes we have managed to fit the word Dirigible into the lyrics 🙂

Please head out to our Pledge Music update page to listen to the snippet!

Full taster from the track Cardington enclosed below. Hope you enjoy it and thank you once again for the support!