Jon Poole

Bass Guitars

Jon Poole (aka Random Jon Poole) is a multi-instrumentalist (Bass, Guitar, Keys and Drums) and ‘primitive producer’ from a musical family who also spawned session bassist, Ed Poole who John Young works with in Bonnie Tyler’s band.

Jon started playing guitar when he was 11 and has maintained a music fan/anorak attitude to all forms of music ever since, favouring no particular style whilst taking influence from diverse acts too numerous to list.

“Although I resent the fact that genres have to be constantly referred to when ‘judging music’, I understand and accept that they do for reference purposes”
“…anyway it was John Young that put ‘prog’ in the ad – that’s why I applied!”

The first significant live/recording act Jon played in and co-led (with singer/drummer, Bob Leith) was ‘Ad Nauseam’ who’s prog, punk, jazz-rock style was very out of step with the baggy/ shoe-gazing scene of ’90/’91 but who did manage to catch the attention of Cardiacs leader, Tim Smith.

Jon jumped ship and joined Cardiacs (later followed by Ad Nauseam’s Bob Leith) and he remained a full-time member for 12 years. In this time he contributed guitar, bass, keys and songwriting.

Jon then went on to play in legendary British rock band, The Wildhearts and various other projects with leader, Ginger Wildheart including a supergroup of sorts known as Mutation featuring contributions from The Fall’s Mark E Smith and Napalm Death’s ‘Shane Embury and who’s album, ‘Error 500’ has picked up many glowing reviews for it’s rhythmically complex and sonically offensive weirdness.

On the other end of the spectrum Jon was MD, bassist and guitarist for 80s Liverpool scene band, The Lotus Eaters who’s 1983 hit ‘The first picture of you’ had left an impression on the adolescent Jon Poole of the 1980s.

Jon has made and continues to make solo albums including a tribute album of Frank Zappa covers on a Fostex 4-track cassette machine when he was 24.
As well as working on his own material he is also nearing completion of a joint album of psychedelic, summer pop songs with musical whizz-kid, Willie Dowling (The Grip, Honeycrack, Jackdaw 4) as well as contributing keys to a second album by Wyatt-influenced, psychedelic lounge guru, ‘Crayola Lectern’.

Jon’s proudest moment (other than joining Lifesigns!) was appearing on stage at a Ginger Wildheart gig, doing a cover of ‘Pretty Vacant’ with Sex Pistol, Paul Cook on drums.