Greetings, Lifesigns Fan,

Autumn is here and its time for the next leg of the Lifesigns - Cardington Tour.

Having played a wonderful couple of gigs at the start of September at the Craufurd Arms and at the Resonate festival we now move on with three more gigs at the end of September. We then have a short break while JY goes off and plays some solo shows in Canada and Dave also departs for Canada with the Strawbs.

All in all its a busy final few months of the year for the members of Lifesigns !

Then we will turn our attention to various day jobs, various overseas gigs...... oh and yes, writing and recording a third album !




The Next Few........

Starting on Tuesday 25th September we have a run of three shows coming up. The band are trying to get out to as many of you as possible by playing a variety of gigs around the country this autumn. We felt this was preferable to playing one venue in London over a number of nights. We do hope that you will support our endeavours and get to as many of the shows as you are able. We really do appreciate the efforts that everyone makes to travel, often long distances, to get to see us. So come along, enjoy the show and support live music.......

We look forward to saying hi to you all soon !                 

Sept 25th                     Talking Heads, Southampton, UK                                 Tickets

Sept 26th                     Robin 2, Bilston, West Midlands, UK                            Tickets

Sept 27th                     Rebellion, Manchester, UK                                           Tickets


John Young in Canada

In October John will be playing a few solo shows in Canada. On this occasion the shows will be limited to the Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto areas and are a possible precursor to full band shows in the near future. John will play a mix of solo material, in particular from the re-released album Significance, and Lifesigns material. This promises to be an entertaining evening of fine melodic rock, mixed with the heavier and more progressive later material. It's a rare opportunity for those in Canada to see and meet John in person. In addition John will be ably supported by Astrid Young at four of the shows.


Now in Store.........

Newly added to the Lifesigns Merch Store are the following albums:-

The return of Lifesigns eponymous first album. Now released under their own label and with redsigned artwork. It is in digipack format LML 001

And the newly re-released solo album by John Young - Significance - LML 004


Autumn Tour 2018

Sept 25th                     Talking Heads, Southampton, UK                                Tickets

Sept 26th                     Robin 2, Bilston, West Midlands, UK                           Tickets

Sept 27th                     Rebellion, Manchester, UK                                          Tickets

Nov 7th                        O'Rileys, Hull, UK                                                        Tickets

Nov 8th                        The Queen Vic, South Shields                                     Tickets

Nov 9th                        Green Hotel, Kinross, Scotland                                    Tickets

Nov 10th                       Drygate, Glasgow, Scotland                                        Tickets

Nov 11th                       Bannermans, Edinburgh, Scotland                              Tickets

Nov 28th                       Bullingdon, Oxford, UK                                                Tickets

Nov 29th                       The Wharf Theatre, Tavistock, UK                               Tickets

Nov 30th                       The Electric Theatre, Guildford, UK                             Tickets

Dec 1st                          Level III, Swindon, UK                                                 Tickets


Photo - Martin Reijman