Cardington - It's in the Post !


Greetings, Lifesigns Fan,



Just a quick note to let everyone know that all the initial orders and pledges for the new CD Cardington will have been dispatched by the Lifesigns elves by the close of tomorrow (19th Sept). The only exception to this is for those who are also waiting for a copy of the first CD as part of their order. We are waiting for new stock of the first CD which we are expecting to be delivered during the week for an end of week dispatch.

Likewise the vinyl versions should also start shipping next week.

For those who have waited and wish to make their purchase directly from us the CD and Vinyl can be ordered direct from the Lifesigns website.

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it !

Wishing you all the very best



Track Listing - Cardington

1 - N

2 - Voice In My Head

3 - Chasing Rainbows

4 - Difference

5 - Impossible

6 - Touch

7 - Cardington