Important Information - Cardington Delayed


Greetings, Lifesigns Fan,



Small Delay........

We are sorry to inform those of you who have already ordered the new CD that there has been a small delay in the dispatch of the new album Cardington. We have just received an email from the CD manufacturers informing us that the new CD will not be with us as anticipated by this Friday 1st September.

They have indicated that stock should be shipped to us for arrival on the 8th September.

Once we have the CD's in stock we will start shipping all orders over the following two weeks.

I can, on behalf of all of the team at Lifesigns HQ, only apologise for the unexpected delay which is beyond our control. Rest assured that everything possible will be done to get the new CD to you as soon as is possible. Once again we thank you for your patience and understanding and we are truly looking forward to hearing your thoughts when Cardington finally lands on your doorsteps.

If you still have not ordered the new album, it can be purchased along with a variety of other Lifesigns goodies from:-

Wishing all of you the very best



Track Listing - Cardington

1 - N

2 - Voice In My Head

3 - Chasing Rainbows

4 - Difference

5 - Impossible

6 - Touch

7 - Cardington