September Newsletter 2015

Welcome to the first of our new monthly newsletters in which we aim to keep you updated with news on all things Lifesigns. While we are obviously keen to let you know what we are up too, it is also a place for you to ask questions and find out what else each of the band members are doing. So feel free to make suggestions or fire in your questions for the band.

We will do our best to answer some of the best or most requested as soon as we can.


Under the Bridge DVD

As you may already have seen work on the Live in London - Under the Bridge DVD is nearing completion, and mighty proud we are of it too ! First and foremost because it was funded entirely by you, the fans, and secondly because of the hard work that has gone into its making.

Once again Brett Wilde has worked his magic and produced some wonderful artwork.

This project has been very much a work of love and we hope that you enjoy it. Just to give you a taste of what is to come the entire performance of Different can be seen on our youtube channel - Lifesignsmusic.

The link to it is:

Please feel free to share with all your friends and remember it can be ordered through the band website at:


Next Gig - Double Header with Mystery

A reminder that the next opportunity to see Lifesigns live is on the 14th October at the Boston Arms in London (N19).

We shall be playing a double header with Canadian band Mystery.

It promises to be an evening of inspirational and melodic progressive rock music and a rare opportunity to see two great bands together.

Tickets are £20 in advance and the show starts at 19:00

Tickets are available from the venue website below:-


Cruise To The Edge - Pre Cruise Party

Also just announced as part of the Cruise to the Edge shenanigans is the Pre-Cruise Party to be held on 14th November at the Magic City Casino, Miami, Florida.

Lifesigns are honoured to be invited to play along with Three Friends (Gentle Giant) and Martin Barre (Jethro Tull).

Although this is part of the Cruise to the Edge event, it is also open to the General Public.

It will be the first time non CTTE fans will have had an opportunity to see Lifesigns live on American soil !!.


Liscombe Park Studios

To all our musician friends and those who have used the studio at Liscombe Park over the years we have some good news. The studio has re-opened for business and is being run by us ! Thats Lifesigns & If anyone wishes to make bookings for rehearsal or recording time then please let us know.

The resident house engineer is unchanged (our very own Mr Steve Rispin ) .

Hope you will join us on our 'new' adventure.


What are the band members doing now ?

John Young – Never a dull moment in John’s days at present. As well as playing withthe Bonnie Tyler Band, he is responsible for ensuring that all things Lifesigns run as smoothly as possible. A 24/7 job on its own. He is also starting the process of writing new material for the 2nd Album from Lifesigns.

Jon Poole – In September he will be playing bass with The Wildhearts playing the 'p.h.u.q' album in it's entirety on it's 20th anniversary.Rehearsals start this week.

Frosty Beedle –  Frosty continues with the day job as the drummer for the stage musical Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre, London. In addition he has been involved with  Live in London  DVD, in particular the extras.

Niko Tsonev – Niko is recovering having spent the last few months heavily involved with thecompletion of the Live in London, Under the Bridge DVD. Although a true band project a lot of the burden for production has fallen on Niko’s broad shoulders. We think you will agree that all of his hard work has been well worth the effort.

Steve Rispin – Hardly ever at home, Steve has been heavily involved in the audio aspect of the Live in London DVD and associated CD’s. He is also heavily in demand for his engineering prowess both in the studio and in the field. You will often find him globe trotting to exotic places.


For Your Diary

14th October        with Mystery - Boston Arms, London.                          Information/Tickets

6th November       with The Skys - teatro muzikas New York, Vilnius.      Information/Tickets

9th November       with The Skys - Bergkellar, Reichenbach im Gotland    Information/Tickets

14th November         CTTE Pre Cruise Party                                          Information/Tickets

15-19th November    Cruise to the Edge                                                 Information/Tickets

2nd December          The Exchange, Bristol 

4th December           Danfest, The Musician, Leicester                           Information/Tickets

5th December           Crauford Arns, Milton Keynes                                 Information/Tickets

6th December           Zephyr Rooms, Leamington Spa                             Information/Tickets

10th December         Zanzibar Club, Liverpool                                         Information/Tickets

11th December         The Railway, Bolton                                               Information/Tickets

12th December          Fibbers, York                                                       Information/Tickets

13th December         The Lexington, London                                          Information/Tickets


22nd January            King Tuts, Glasgow                                             Information/Tickets

23rd January             South Shields                                                     Information/Tickets

24th January             Robin 2, Bilston                                                  Information/Tickets

31st January             Talking Heads, Southampton                               Information/Tickets