Lifesigns March 2015 Newsletter

Greetings, Lifesigns Fan,

Enjoy this newsletter featuring DVD Progress, Upcoming Festivals, Bums on Seats, Brett's Artwork, Gig Guide,, Merchandise, and a new pledge campaign for JY's Significance and Life Underground CDs, plus latest Website news.

DVD Progress

As promised, the shooting of the DVD took place over two nights at Under the Bridge in Chelsea, London on January 22nd and 23rd. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and make new friends from the UK, USA and all over Europe. What a couple of nights we had! That said, this is only half the battle. Next thing is that Paul Shammasian will be working on the video editing, while Steve works on the audio; with more than a little interference from the rest of us!

Video editing is well underway, but the audio will take a little longer due, in the main, to the other commitments we all have. Lifesigns is very much a labour of love so we try and fit it in as best we can; hoping that one day it will become our day job :-) 

Audio editing is likely to take place shortly after the Marillion Convention show and I hope we can keep you updated with pictures and maybe the odd snippet! 

For those of you who ordered merchandise (T-shirts,CDs etc) on the pledge page, practically all of this has now been delivered. The only items waiting to go are the DVDs themselves and the drum heads... plus I think Frosty owes a drum lesson!

Upcoming Festivals

Details are shown in the gig guide below. Having said that it's really nice to get Lifesigns out to a wider audience. Our festivals so far this year are HRH Prog, the Marillion Convention in Holland, Prog Dreams IV, which is also in Holland and Cruise to the Edge in the USA. Big thank you to Arie for his support at Prog Dreams and to Larry and the team at CTTE - thanks for having us back!  …and of course to Lucy, Stephanie and the Marillions for having us at the convention – all very much appreciated.

Bums on Seats!!!

One of the biggest problems is getting enough people to go to a show to make it work. We seem to be starting to move forwards audience-wise, but there are a few ways you can help make the gigs work even better.

Firstly, if anyone would like to have a download of a flyer for any gigs, Brett is arranging flyers for all shows.  Some we will also get printed and mail out where necessary.

Telling your friends who also like prog is a really good idea. This often happens when someone is coming to a show but you can also do it when you are not attending. Just telling like-minded friends who live in the area of a show really helps. We've actually seen how this has helped swell the ranks. We are starting to head back to venues now for second visits and are already noticing good growth, which we hope will continue for many moons to come.

That said, if you are on Facebook there is a cunning plan (as per black adder) and a fun way you can help us. You can invite your Facebook friends who live in the area of an upcoming show.  It's great to see how the invites and attendees grow and it is of course so much better when the invite doesn't come from us!

I put together a little guide on YouTube for those who would like to help on Facebook. The gig guide is listed a little later, so if you have friends who would be interested in attending, please feel free to join in.

Here's the link:

Brett's Artwork

A lot of folks have said how much they like Brett's artwork, so much so that we shall probably start releasing some as fine art prints and posters fairly soon. This will be on a new merch page on the website. It will also not just be limited to things associated with Lifesigns. Brett has an arsenal of other stuff and an uncanny ability to make the ordinary look downright interesting... well you can tell that by what he's done for us! 

Here are some recent flyers.

The Gig Guide

• Thu, 19th March - The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, UK

• Fri, 20th March – HRH Prog Festival, Pwhelli Butlins UK

• Sun, 22nd March - Port Zeelande Center Parcs, Marillion Convention, Netherlands - SOLD OUT

• Sun, 5th April – Prog Dreams IV Festival, Zoetermeer Boerderij, Netherlands

• Tue, 7th April – Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium

• Fri, 10th April – Talking Heads, Southampton UK

• Fri, 17th April – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK

• Wed, 6th May – Electric Theatre, Guildford UK

• Fri, 12th June – Trading Boundaries, Fletching UK

• Sun, 15th-Thu, 19th November – Cruise to the Edge, Miami, Florida USA

• Fri 4th December -- Musician,Leicester UK (Danfest)

• Sun, 6th December – Zephyr, Leamington Spa UK

• Fri, 11th December – The Railway, Bolton UK

• Sat, 12th December – Fibbers, York UK

• Sun, 24th January 2016 – Robin 2, Bilston UK

Full details available on the website and facebook page.

As you know, for gigs that are not shown above, we advise our friends and fans to join and pledge for shows in your area ...anywhere in the world.

Gigpledge website has been undergoing some changes recently and shortly there will be a major announcement and campaign, based on the fact that memberships for music lovers, artists and venues will now be free. It's a great opportunity for all those who love live music to join in and make a global community. More info very soon…


Although we take a fair amount of CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, posters etc., out on the road with us, you can find a lot more items by browsing at the store on the website. We are also introducing solo back catalogue at present. There are a number of JY CDs, and two from Niko, and we hope to add Dowling Poole shortly. Back catalogue wise the pre-band to Lifesigns was the John Young Band, and the live CD is available, although Significance and Life Underground, the two singer songwriter CDs, are now out of stock. More about that below. T-shirts are always popular and the Under the Bridge T-shirts are sold out in some sizes, so best to order now, while you can, as there will be no reprint on this design.

The Lifesigns Live in London DVD is of course available for pre-order.

Please be aware that because some gigs/festivals charge the band a percentage on merch we may not be selling at certain shows, as it is just uneconomical for us.

John Young Solo CDs

Quite a few people have been asking about the older material and sadly both Significance and Life Underground are now out of stock. As such I've decided to do a pledge campaign to re-stock both titles and I hope that those of you who support Lifesigns so wholeheartedly will join with me in this venture. I hope to give them a new lease of life with new artwork from Brett Wilde and a quick tweak in the studio too. Life Underground was my first toe in the solo song-writing waters and as such I think it was only ever available on CD-r! 

Significance was quite an emotional work and was dedicated to my Aunty Doris who worked for the Save the Children Fund on the front line in Vietnam, Korea, Suez and other war zones around the world. As she once said to me 'I never married...but I had more children than anyone else!' she was a shining example to us all and I'm very proud to have known her.

Website updates

Just to let you know the forum is now running on the website so please feel free to join in or just leave us a message on the guestbook...

Love and best to you all

JY and the boys