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Now available to order the long awaited new studio CD from Lifesigns featuring: John Young (keys & lead vocals), Frosty Beedle (drums), Jon Poole (bass) Steve Rispin (Sound).GuestGuitarists:: Dave Bainbridge (Iona, Strawbs and Celestial Fire), Menno Gootjes (Focus), Niko Tsonev (Lifesigns & Steven Wilson) and Sir Robin Boult (Fish). A guitar map will be available on line 🙂 The title track Cardington features the story of the two Cardington ‘sheds’ and the R101 Airship.

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Cardington features 7 tracks (Three pieces and four songs)

  1. N
  2. Voice in my Head
  3. Chasing Rainbows
  4. Different
  5. Impossible
  6. Touch
  7. Cardington

The story of Cardington and the R101 is told in the title track. The Cardington sheds can still be seen near Bedford in the U.K. they are a monument to future and the past. In the 1920’s it was thought that airships would take over World travel but it was not to be. A monument to glorious failure and a place that still contains the spirit of a bygone age.

The two sheds at Cardington are still used. One as a film set and for rehearsals of major touring bands. The other is still in full Airship use with the mighty Airlander.

Guitar Credits:

For a handy PDF version of our guitar Map – Download Lifesigns Cardington Guitar Map.


Lifesigns Cardington Guitar Credits: Dave BainbridgeMenno Gootjes Niko Tsonev Robin Boult

Lifesigns Cardington Guitar Credits: Dave Bainbridge, Menno Gootjes, Niko Tsonev, Robin Boult