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  1. Got introduced to you the show Music In Widescreen on, and have thoroughly enjoyed your self titled album. Have just picked up Cardington, and am loving what I hear!

  2. Hi John and all the band, got the cd from you a few weeks ago and can’t stop playing it, it’s brilliant. Just ordered the vinyl version for my friend for Christmas. There are five of us coming to see you in January in Manchester, can’t wait to hear all these great songs live. Many congratulations and keep up the good work. Regards
    Paul Clement

  3. Thank you for sending the Cardington vinyl out to me so promptly. It’s a lovely textured, great sounding, very well played and produced record indeed . Raises the bar even higher than the one set by the debut. Love the band, love your work. Congratulations to you all & keep up the momentum ‘cos it’s all good from here. Kindest regards and continued good fortune to all. Jim…

  4. Hi Johnnie, my copy´s landed too – great work, each song unique in harmonies and sound…if it was a Vinyl copy i´d had worn out it already..a Musical Treasury …expectedly but nevertheless peppered with numberless surprises and soundscapes to discover…i really felt in love with that release..and some Tron flute-chords iced the cake… 😉 Hope to see you again in Germany.. all the best, my dear, to you all! Kind regards and hugs from Rolf.

  5. Hi John, Jon, Frosty and everyone,

    Can I just say how pleased I am having discovered you guys’ music, thanks mainly to Dave Bainbridge who put me on to Lifesigns a few months ago!

    I now have both of Lifesigns’ CDs and I’ve just ordered Live Under the Bridge! Next on my list is The John Young Band album, recommended by a contributor to a recent Facebook post.

    Some bands take some getting in to, some you simply can’t get in to, and then Lifesigns comes along and I just fell in straight away. Excellent stuff!

    I will say that my first play of Lifesigns debut didn’t immediately grab my attention, but after the second run it just got better and better.

    My car doesn’t have a CD player in it so I have to put everything I buy into iTunes and then transfer the AAC/MP3 files into my iPhone/Pad. Not only that, I have to put them onto a memory stick and plug that into the car too.

    I’m never short of music choices while I’m driving, that’s for sure!

    So thanks again guys and keep on keeping on!


    Dave Sowden

  6. Dear John, has anyone told you lately that you have one of the most distinct voices in the rockpopscene ? And the ‘passage’ (probably not correct English)on 6:57 till 7:04 on track N is the most beautiful one I’v heard in years.