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  1. Hello John,

    Are you still looking for a permanent guitarist to replace Nico?
    Kind regards,
    Keith Richard Herman.

  2. hi, FAO Martin Beedle. Hi I am a teacher at Eastfield Primary School and have been reliably informed that you are an ex pupil??? We are creating a wall of fame of past pupils and would like to invite you to be a part of the Eastfield Alumni.
    Please would you accept?

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for the note with my DVD, much appreciated. I see that the support act with Yes’ UK tour has dropped out, you would be an ideal replacement. I saw you in Leicester in December and were awesome! Going to see Yes in May at the Liverpool Phil, I’m sure you know that place? and it would be brilliant if you were there as well. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the new album. Regards, Paul Clement

    • Cheers Paul… yes we know the Yes management really well but sadly there is no support. Most of the larger older bands don’t bother these days. Shame …would have been a lot of fun 🙂

  4. Hi
    Had a great evening tonight! Got the DVD “Under The Bridge” in my mailbox:-) Loved it. Hope to see you live soon. Maybe in Norway? or in an other country..
    Good luck with the tour!
    Arild from Norway

  5. Hi everyone.
    Just wondered what time the Trading Boundaries gig starts? Says 12am on the info… is this correct, please?

  6. Hi there – I love your band, but your communication of your gig dates is terrible. I live in Guildford and didn’t realise you played there earlier this month until today. I have been checking Facebook every few weeks, but his date must have passed me by. Gutted.

    You need a street team!!!!

    • Hi Mark…. we had a street team on the Guildford gig. The gig was advertised in local papers, radio and via the Electric Theatre and the ACM. Sadly one link that broke was the events page link to our website and as such the gig didn’t show. Will keep an eye on the gig guide to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Best place for gig info is and go to the Events section which is always up to date. Next gig Trading Boundaries near Uckfield 12th June. If you have a facebook page Mark feel free to get in touch. We spent more money on flyers, posters and advertising on Guildford than we have done anywhere else but sadly it doesn’t always work.

  7. I know its a while back but just wanted to say how much i enjoyed you guys at the Summers end festival 2014- it was my 50th Birthday that night and despite a bad cold and a s**t venue your music raised my spirits no end! Got the lp (vinyl!) the other day and its warm, lush, heartfelt and genuinely uplifting! Looking forward to seeing you live again soon?? any chance of Bristol area? See you at Leamington in December?? All the best, John R.

  8. Hello Chaps! I saw you at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton for the first time and didn’t really know what to expect. Well, what a treat it was! You sounded great and were really entertaining to watch. I only wish I had taken my camera. Could have got some great shots of you in action. Maybe next time. In the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy your album and look forward to your next one. Keep up the good work. Cheers. Mark

    • thanks Mark… glad you enjoyed it …we had a great time. Feel free to keep in touch on facebook (if you are a member) look forward to heading back there again later in the year 🙂