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Photo Album: Poster Art and Flyers

Here we have artwork and flyers created by Brett Wilde, featuring original work, blended with fan photography, listed here in no particular order. More images will be added soon!

John Young of Lifesigns

John Young on Vinyl Confessions

Our own John Young was on Vinyl Confessions with Special Guest John Young of Lifesigns, intervied by Nick “The Platter” Katona, Mike “The Waxman” Maffei” & Ken “The Traveler” Roberts. Have a listen HERE:...

Holiday Greetings from Lifesigns

Newsletter – December 2015

Festive Greetings to all of our Friends ! We hope that you have all had a great festive season and are now looking forward to the New Year. This is perhaps the ideal moment...


Newsletter – October 2015

This month can be summed up quite well by the analogy of the beautiful swan on the river. On the surface all is calm and quiet, yet under the water it is frantically paddling like...